Tuesday, 17 January 2023 - 3:24pm |

One arrested for evading police after a 45-minute escape attempt

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Please attribute to Senior Sergeant Paul Claridge, Palmerston North Police:

Police arrested a fleeing driver early this morning, after two associates attempted to help him avoid Police.

Shortly before 1am, Palmerston North Police signalled for a man, who was wanted by Police, to exit his vehicle. The vehicle was parked in Crewe Crescent, Palmerston North when it was seen by Police.

The driver took off and failed to stop when signalled by Police with flashing lights and siren.

The vehicle was spiked shortly after, but continued driving despite the two front tyres being damaged by the road spikes.

About 40-minutes after the initial tyre-spiking, the vehicle was seen on Botanical Road by a Police patrol and spikes were used again, this time successfully deflating the rear tyres.

The driver continued driving on the tyre rims until he was cordoned by Police vehicles and he was finally stopped, after ramming two Police cars.

During the fleeing incident, the driver contacted associates to get help to avoid capture by Police. However, Police used a tactical manoeuvre to bring the vehicle to a stop before the offending driver’s associates could assist with his escape.

There were no reports of injuries.

Police use a risk-assessment process to guide our decisions about what tactical options might be required to safely resolve any situation.

Police were able to arrest the offending driver without further incident and the 35-year-old local man will appear before the Palmerston North District Court today facing driving charges, which include failing to stop for Police when signalled, driving while disqualified and reckless driving.

Police are continuing to make enquiries into this incident.

As the matter is now before the Courts, Police are not in a position to make further comment.


Issued by Police Media Centre