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Operation Haumaru: Patrols underway at west Auckland transport hubs

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A new operation will see increased visibility of Police and other agencies across some of west Auckland’s largest transport hubs.

Police are deploying a dedicated team to provide reassurance and visibility after recent events involving intimidation and violence at these hubs.

“Over the last two weeks we have arrested a number of young people who have been involved in assaults and aggravated robberies in-and-around the New Lynn bus and train station,” Waitematā West’s Relieving Area Prevention Manager, Inspector Kelly Farrant, says.

“I can appreciate recent incidents in our community have put people at unease.

“The public have the right to catch public transport without being subjected to this unacceptable behaviour.”

Operation Haumaru – meaning safe place – will see additional resource deployed from Police, Auckland Transport, Auckland One Rail, Auckland Council, Community Patrols New Zealand and the Tāmaki Makaurau Safety Patrol.

The operation will largely be focused on the bus and train station hubs in New Lynn and Henderson and is supported by the Whau and Henderson-Massey Local Boards.

Henderson-Massey Local Board Chair Chris Carter welcomes the news.

“Like many others in our community, we have been extremely concerned about the recent incidents at the transport hubs and fully support this initiative.

“People should have the right to use these facilities without fear, so this will be most welcome by the community.”

Whau Local Board Chair Kay Thomas agrees.

“The recent incidents at New Lynn transport hub have been distressing for many, so we are pleased at both the recent news that four people have been arrested in relation to the incidents, and that Operation Haumaru is underway.

“The board is pleased to see this initiative in place, and we look forward to continuing working with Police and other agencies to combat this issue.”

Police and partner agencies will be focused on ensuring that these important hubs are places that the public and commuters can be safe and feel safe.

“We have had our frontline staff patrolling in New Lynn over recent weeks and our investigation teams have worked tirelessly to identify the mainly young offenders involved,” Inspector Farrant says.

“Our next steps will see an even further increase in our collective visibility across both the New Lynn and Henderson transport hubs with dedicated Police staff and security walking the beat.

“Young people who choose to offend should expect to be caught by Police and held to account for their actions.” 

Stacey van der Putten, Auckland Transport’s Director of Public Transport, says collaborating with Police and other agencies is vital when it comes to improving safety across public transport and facilities.

“Societal issues can’t be solved by one organisation alone, so it’s been important to join forces with Police, the local board, and other groups to ensure we improve safety outcomes.

“We want an Auckland where everyone is safe no matter how they choose to travel.”

Inspector Farrant says Police are also working with other partner agencies and organisations around wider social issues that may be causing young people to engage in offending.


Jarred Williamson/NZ Police