Wednesday, 16 November 2022 - 12:32pm |
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Orders coming into force to prevent harm by firearms

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Firearm Prohibition Orders, to help reduce gun harm and make communities safer, come into effect today. 
The orders prohibit high-risk offenders from accessing, being around, or using firearms. 
“Firearms Prohibition Orders are an additional tool to protect the public from high-risk offenders,” Deputy Commissioner Jevon McSkimming says.
While Police is the lead agency for Firearms Prohibition Orders, it is a judge who will impose an order at sentencing. 
When an offender is released from custody into the community, or following a non-custodial sentencing, the Firearms Prohibition Order comes into force and remains in place for 10 years.
“These orders empower judges to ban anyone convicted of murder, serious violence offences, terrorism offences, participation in an organised criminal group, and firearms-related crimes from accessing or using firearms,” Deputy Commissioner McSkimming says.
“If someone is then found to be breaching the order, that is serious imprisonable offence, as is knowingly supplying firearms to someone subject to a Firearms Prohibition Order.
“Natural justice protections are ensured by having judges make the decision on whether a Firearms Prohibition Order is appropriate and proportionate to the person’s offending.”
This is about having all the necessary tools and options available to keep our communities safe from the harm that can be caused when firearms are in the wrong hands.”
Issued by Police Media Centre.