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Police acknowledge IPCA report into arrest

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Police acknowledge today’s report by the Independent Police Conduct Authority into the use of force during an arrest in Hastings last year.

At about 1.45am on 18 January 2021, Police located a suspicious vehicle with a firearm on the backseat. A man, seen getting out of the driver’s seat, fled on foot.

Police tracked the man over a number of hours, eventually finding him inside a skip bin about 4.30am.

The man refused to comply with Police instructions, holding his arms underneath his body to prevent being handcuffed. Police used a variety of tactical options, including force, to complete the arrest.

The IPCA report released today found the use of force was not justified.

Acting Eastern District Commander Inspector Andrew Sloan says the man posed a serious threat to officer safety, and force was necessary to control the situation.

“When first challenged by Police the offender fled from a vehicle in which a firearm was located and officers were rightly concerned he was carrying a second, concealed weapon,” Inspector Sloan says.

“The man, wanted for a series of serious offences across multiple districts, went to great lengths to evade Police and repeatedly failed to comply with officers’ instructions.”  

“Every day, Police staff are faced with challenging situations that require them to act decisively. Safety — of the public and our own people — is at the forefront of these decisions.

“It is always unfortunate when Police find themselves in circumstances where they must resort to using force. However, doing so is a tactical decision made after assessing the threat, the exposure to harm, the necessity to act, and the best response considering all those factors.”

Inspector Sloan says the man’s injuries were regrettable. He received medical aftercare following the arrest.

The man was ultimately found guilty on a charge of resisting arrest.


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