Thursday, 19 March 2020 - 10:07am |

Police acknowledge IPCA report regarding Napier arrest

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NZ Police acknowledges the Independent Police Conduct Authority’s finding that the force used during the arrest of a woman in Napier on 14 April, 2019 was justified and proportionate for the situation.

The woman had just crashed her car, was refusing to comply with officers’ requests, and behaving in an assaultive manner.

The woman had lashed out repeatedly at officers, and had kicked one of them.

The woman alleged she was punched by an officer during this interaction, however the IPCA noted it was unable to determine if this was the case.

The Authority concluded the officer used force to restrain the woman in the back of the Police car, and that this was the likely cause of her injuries.

Police officers are justified in using force provided it is reasonable and proportionate, which the IPCA ruled it was in this instance.

“Our officers are faced with situations like this every day, and must make constant assessments about using the right tactical options to keep themselves, their colleagues, members of the public, and the person they are dealing with, safe,” says Hawke’s Bay Area Commander Inspector Jeanette Park.

“We are pleased the Authority agrees with our officers’ accounts in that the force used was justified and proportionate for the situation.”


Issued by the Police Media Centre