Tuesday, 2 April 2019 - 3:42pm |
Counties Manukau

Police acknowledge sentencing of Ephraim Beazley (+ family statement)

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Please attribute to Acting Detective Inspector Shaun Vickers, Counties Manukau CIB:

Police acknowledge the sentencing of Ephraim Beazley at the High Court in Auckland in relation to the death of Xi Wang.

Beazley was today sentenced to life imprisonment with minimum period of imprisonment of 17 years after pleading guilty to murder.

This is a tragic reminder of the devastating impact that family harm has on whanau - a young boy has lost his mother and his father will be spending some time in prison.

I would like to extend our sympathies to Xi’s family who have lost a much-loved daughter. It is something that no parent should have to go through.

Xi’s mother and her best friend have travelled from overseas to hear today’s decision. Nothing can bring Xi back, but we hope the decision brings some comfort to the family.

I would also like to acknowledge the Crown and the team of Police investigators who worked tirelessly on this case, many of whom have families of their own.

Please attribute statement to Mrs Xi and Mr Wong, parents of Xi Wang:

Our family would like to thank the Police, Oranga Tamariki, Victim Support and ACC for their great help during this difficult time.

We speak no English and have no relatives in New Zealand, but they made us feel so welcome, they have shown their great love and care to our family, which I have never experienced such love elsewhere.

I would like to specially thank the Police-- their thorough investigation had yielded today’s result.

Particular thanks goes to the Police family liaison team, they have gone the extra mile to help us. They have kept us posted about the case, even brought us to the supermarket and showed us where to get food. Their care for us was genuine and touched our heart.

We have lost our daughter, Beazley’s family have lost their son, a big loss for both families.

My only hope is for my grandson to see him grow up happily and healthy would be the main factor sustaining the rest of my life. We will try our best to make him a person his mother, our daughter would like him to be - an honest and loving person.


Jarred Williamson/NZ Police