Friday, 17 November 2023 - 5:07pm |

Police acknowledge verdict in relation to the death of Adrian Humphreys

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Attributable to Detective Senior Sergeant Drew Bennett:

Police acknowledge the verdict handed down today in the New Plymouth High Court in relation to the death of Adrian Humphreys.

Adrian’s family, friends and work colleagues were important to him, and we know whatever the outcome of the court proceedings today, his loss will continue to be keenly felt.

While no outcome will bring Adrian back to his family, we hope that the verdict today allows them to close this chapter and begin to heal. 

Adrian’s sister, Taresa, who travelled from the UK to be here for the trial has represented her family with grace and dignity during what I know has been a harrowing ordeal.

I would also like to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of the investigators and trial team that worked hard to see responsibility taken for Adrian’s death and support his family.  


Statement on behalf of Adrian’s sister, Taresa:

Adrian was a kind and loving person who lived life to the full, and who on the 7th May 2022 lost his life so tragically.

On behalf of my parents and myself I would like to thank Detective Senior Sergeant Drew Bennett and his team, together with the Crown Counsel for their diligence in bringing the person responsible for Adrian's death to court.

This has been an emotional and difficult 19 months for us, and although this outcome won't bring Adrian back, I had to see this through for Adrian and our parents.

We also feel for Johanna and the family at the Taranaki Bushlands Campsite, whose lives will also never be the same through no fault of their own, along with many more of Adrian’s closest friends, some of whom have been in court these last few days and also still feel the impact today of the loss of my loving brother Adrian.