Tuesday, 7 December 2021 - 10:05am |

Police agree with IPCA findings

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Police agree with the findings of an IPCA report, which concluded a Police officer was justified in using force against a man who tried to intervene during the arrest of another man.
The officer went to a property in a central North Island town on 10 January 2021 to locate a man who lived at the house and arrest him for breaching a bail condition.
While trying to take the man into custody, a man visiting the property attempted to intervene by initially yelling at the officer, before repeatedly pushing him.
The visitor continued to behave aggressively at which point the officer advised him he was under arrest.
Feeling increasingly under threat, the officer elected to use the tactical option of closed-hand tactics, punching the man. 
The IPCA found the officer’s use of force was justified and reasonable, and his later entry into the property was lawful.
Central District Commander Superintendent Scott Fraser says the officer acted appropriately in confronting and difficult circumstances.
“This was a clear situation when the officer was put at risk. His actions were consistent with relative policy and both justified and lawful.”
The man who assaulted the officer was arrested the following day at another address. He was charged with aggravated assault and subsequently pleaded guilty.
Issued by Police Media Centre.