Tuesday, 24 May 2022 - 10:11am |

Police agree with IPCA findings

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Attribute to Northland District Commander Superintendent Tony Hill:

Police agree with the findings of an IPCA report, which concluded a Police officer was justified in using force against a man during an arrest in Northland.

On 27 May 2021, Police were witness to a car that was driving at excessive high speeds through a 50km zone.

Police initiated lights and sirens to stop the vehicle, however it accelerated, before stopping in the middle of the road, and reversing in an attempt to ram the Police vehicle. The man has driven the vehicle forward a short distance before stopping in a driveway, where he has left the vehicle and fled on foot into a nearby bush.

As the man was exiting the vehicle, Police recognised them as a known offender, who had multiple warrants to arrest and was known to carry weapons.

A Police dog unit called to assist, and was able to track and locate the offender.

The Police dog has subsequently bitten the man on his leg, causing injuries which required hospital treatment. 

The IPCA found Police were justified in arresting the man and using force to apprehend someone who they deemed a risk to both Police and members of the public, as well as having a detailed criminal history and gang involvement.

We accept and acknowledge these findings.


Anna Thompson/NZ Police