Police announce results of workplace survey

Police announce results of workplace survey

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“The 2016 Workplace Survey results are being delivered across the organisation, with headline results showing a small increase in overall levels of engagement,” says Commissioner Mike Bush.

The Workplace Survey took place between 2 and 20 May 2016. Overall the results reflect Police’s Engagement Index trending slightly upwards at 72.5% when compared to 72.1 % in 2015.

Full results, including those for districts, will be made available after they have been communicated to staff from July and August.

Overall, the survey identified 28.5% of Police people as being ‘fully engaged’, considerably higher than the State Sector benchmark of 18.5%. The number of NZ Police staff identified as ‘fully engaged’ increased by 2.1% when compared with 2015.

Commissioner Bush says that while the overall picture is of a high performing organisation with results demonstrating areas where Police continue to perform well against the State sector benchmark, the report also highlights some areas to further work on.

Commissioner Bush said the survey is key to gaining an insight into the perceptions and opinions of its constabulary and non-constabulary staff.

“It is important to listen and respond to our staff, to do justice to the exceptional levels of commitment to our work that they show.” says Commissioner Bush.

The headline results are as follows:

  • 8,445 employees participated in the NZ Police Workplace Survey 2016, contributing to a total response rate of 70.3%, up from 69.1% in 2015.
  • The Engagement Index is higher than the State Sector benchmark of 67.8% by 4.7 percentage points at 72.5%,
  • The Performance Index is 63.4% which is a slight decrease from 2015 (64.3%).
  • The number of people in Police identified by the survey as being ‘fully engaged’ increased from 26.4%% percent in 2015 to 28.5% in 2016.  This is considerably higher than the State Sector benchmark of 18.5%.
  • Police’s greatest strengths compared to other State Sector organisations relate to people’s perceptions of their supervisor and team as well as inter-team work, high performance standards, management of individual performance, and skills being put to good use.


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