Monday, 22 June 2015 - 1:57pm |

Police disappointed by number of people caught drink-driving on North Shore

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Waitemata Police are disappointed by the number of people who were found to be driving over the limit, following a drink-drive operation on the North Shore over the weekend.

Road Policing officers carried out an excess breath alcohol operation on Friday and Saturday nights and held checkpoints in Browns Bay, Glenfield and Wairau Valley.

In the two hours between 7 and 9pm in Browns Bay on Friday night, a total of 7 drivers were found to be over the limit;

"Since the new limits were introduced we've been seeing less recorded offences of drink driving, but these results go against the trend. To catch this many people in one area alone so early in the evening was not only disappointing, it was also alarming" says Sgt Brett Campbell-Howard, Waitemata Police.

"Whether it's the result of those people having a few drinks after work and then driving home, we're not sure, but whatever it is, the reality is that alcohol and driving is a deadly combination, and you're better off waiting until you get home and know that you're staying there before cracking open an after-work drink" says Sgt Campbell-Howard.

Across both nights, a total of 16 drivers were found to be over the limit. Of this group, six people were given a summons to appear in court for driving with excess breath alcohol over 400mcg, and ten people were issued with an infringement notices for driving with excess breath alcohol between 250-400 mcg.

A further 16 infringement notices were issued to people for breaches of their driver licence.

Police will continue to hold checkpoints across the Waitemata District and motorists can expect to be stopped anywhere, at anytime.


Beth Bates/Waitemata Police