Thursday, 13 June 2024 - 3:18pm |

Police encourage community to report violent incidents, Gisborne

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Police are concerned by the community response to an incident on Saturday 8 June as a violent robbery unfolded outside a shopping centre in Elgin, Gisborne.

A vulnerable member of the community was sitting down minding his own business when he was suddenly attacked by a man unprovoked.

He was allegedly assaulted, causing him to fall back and had his belongings taken from him.

Police were not contacted by anyone who was in the area at the time and must have seen what happened.

We rely on the community to report incidents to us so we can respond appropriately and prevent further harm, so the absence of any reports is extremely disappointing.

Fortunately, staff conducting a foot patrol sometime after had the offending was brought to Police attention.

A 38 year old man was arrested and charged with robbery in relation to the incident and has been remanded in custody after appearing in Gisborne District Court yesterday.

Police urge the community to remember if they see serious offending taking place, to contact Police immediately by calling 111. 


Issued by Police Media Centre