Wednesday, 6 December 2023 - 12:46pm |
Counties Manukau

Police have a warning for beach motorists

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Police in the Counties Manukau District are continuing to follow up on all reports of dangerous driving at Karioitahi Beach.

A 24-year-old male from Waiuku was recently identified as the driver of a vehicle that had been witnessed doing skids and driving dangerously close to pedestrians on the beach.

The driver was charged with driving a vehicle in a dangerous manner and operating a vehicle causing sustained loss of traction.

His vehicle was impounded for 28 days.

Karioitahi Beach has the same road rules as any other legal road with a 20km speed limit 1km north and 1km south of the stream.

All vehicles on the beach including motorbikes must be road legal, and drivers must obey all road rules and be considerate to other beach users.

Police are increasing their presence at the beach this summer, with check points leading to it set to become a more regular occurrence.

Vehicles and dirt bikes identified as being non-road legal will be turned away, and drivers and bike riders breaching the road rules will be charged, and their vehicle could be impounded. 


Tony Wright/Police Media