Monday, 19 December 2016 - 12:49pm |

Police name young crash victims

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Police have named the two young people who died on Friday afternoon following a collision between two vehicles at Rakahouka, Southland.

The driver of a Honda hatchback, 18-year-old Shanae Michelle Bruce, and a passenger, 14-year-old Jaykob Yaxley, died.

Police extend their heartfelt thoughts to the families left behind.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

“This is a tragic event involving two young people, especially so close to Christmas,” says Southland Area Commander, Inspector Joel Lamb.  

“While the cause of the crash is still to be determined, we are asking all drivers please to pause and carefully consider decisions made behind the wheel. Just one mistake can change the lives of families forever.

“No-one wants to see a repeat of this type of tragedy. We want to spare families the grief of losing a loved one.

“When anyone dies on our roads, the devastating impact is felt across families, communities and emergency services.

“We strongly encourage you to take the time to assess your own driving and, if necessary, change your habits to ensure you and your passengers arrive at your destination safely.

“One of the biggest ways you can reduce your risk of being involved in a crash is to be mindful of other road users. We know people sometimes make mistakes and the way you drive needs to allow for mistakes others may make.

We ask drivers to please:

  • Check your speed.
  • Reduce your speed in adverse conditions.
  • Allow enough time for your journey and don’t rush.
  • Make sure you and everyone in your car wears a seatbelt or has the appropriate restraint.
  • Above all, drive considerately – the way we drive affects others.

“Staff at Southland Police want everyone to have a safe holiday season. Please stay focused on the road, every time you're driving,” says Mr Lamb.


Issued by Police Media Centre