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Police releases firearm buy-back data

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NZ Police is releasing performance data today illustrating the types of firearms being handed in under the amnesty and buy-back scheme.

“The buy-back is unprecedented and we recognise the public interest in the scheme. By reporting this data publicly on a regular basis, firearms owners and the wider community can get a more comprehensive view of how the buy-back scheme is going and what sort of firearms are being taken out of circulation,” says Deputy Commissioner Mike Clement.

Of the firearms handed in to Police so far and accepted for buy-back, 68 percent are categorised in the price list as centrefire semi-automatics, valued at under $10,000.

Other categories handed in include:

  • Rifles 11+ rounds (valued at under $2,000) – 17 percent
  • Shotgun pump action, non-detachable magazine, 6+ cartridges (valued at under $5,000) – 8 percent
  • Shotgun semi-automatic, non-detachable magazine, 6+ cartridges (valued at under $5,000) – 4 percent
  • Shotguns with detachable magazines (valued at under $2,000) – 3 percent

The data also shows the condition of the firearm as assessed during the buy-back process.

“Police have collected thousands of semi-automatic firearms and assault rifles during the course of the buy-back so far. We are also in contact with E-Cat endorsement holders who own prohibited MSSAs and have yet to comply with the law. The last thing we want to see is law-abiding citizens at risk of facing charges and losing their future firearms licence by failing to comply,” says Deputy Commissioner Clement.

Three months since the announcement of the buy-back scheme, 15,187 firearms owners have been processed, handing in a total of 24,073 firearms and 88,765 parts and accessories.

The total amount of compensation to firearms owners to date is $45.4million.

The amnesty and buy-back performance data will be published on the Police website fortnightly.

The attitude of firearms owners who have handed in their firearms has been outstanding but Deputy Commissioner Clement does have a warning for those who haven’t handed in their prohibited firearms. 

“Time is running out and 20 December is looming fast. Gun owners have had plenty of notice, plenty of time and plenty of choices. There will be no extension.”

More collection events are scheduled nationwide during October and will be published on the Police website and 38 approved licensed dealers are now taking bookings for prohibited firearms for hand in.

Bulk pick-ups are available now for those that have 10 or more firearms and/or 50 parts.

To speed up the process at events and dealers, owners need to complete the online form on www.police.govt.nz beforehand – including listing each firearm and/or each individual part you are bringing along.

For more information, including modifications and the process for unique prohibited items, please visit www.police.govt.nz or call 0800 311 311.

Amnesty and buy-back performance summary

Editor’s notes: The attached dashboard is as of 9am, 23 September.


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