Police remain optimistic in search for Lucas Cochrane

Police remain optimistic in search for Lucas Cochrane


Police and search and rescue teams are combing fresh areas of Whitianga today, as they continue their efforts to find Lucas Cochrane on the Coromandel Peninsula.

About 80 percent of the township has been inspected; a further 20 percent will be checked today, mostly on the outskirts of the urban area.

Search spots will include boats moored in the harbour and in waterways.

Co-ordinators commenced their search on Sunday after the 19-year-old went missing following a local function he attended.

Assistance is being provided by Surf Life Saving, Coastguard and the Harbourmaster.

Although there is nothing to suggest Lucas left Whitianga, the teams will also inspect locations along Tapu-Coroglen Road and The 309 Road. Both routes pass over the peninsula.

Following appeals for information, Police have received about a dozen calls from members of public. We thank those people for taking the time to calls us.

Staff are currently sifting through those details and will act on any relevant information.

Some CCTV footage has been checked and more recordings will be examined today.

About 30 search and rescue and Police personnel are conducting the search. Family members of Lucas are also searching.

The weather conditions are more benign today. It is overcast but it is not raining.

Again, we encourage locals to check their properties for Lucas. Anyone with information about the missing man is asked to call Police on 111.

A description and photographs of Lucas can be found here.


Please note that Police are unavailable to do interviews at this stage as staff are busy conducting the search.

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