Police response to IPCA report

Police response to IPCA report


Police acknowledges the Independent Police Conduct Authority’s report into an incident in Picton last year in which it found the second deployment of a Taser unjustified.

Officers A and B were on patrol where they came across a man and four associates causing a disturbance at a house party around midnight on June 22, 2018.

One man in particular began acting in what the officers deemed to be an assaultive manner, and Officer A deployed a Taser.

As a result, the man was on his back, but still acting in what Officer A believed to be an assaultive manner.

Officer A deployed a Taser a second time, as he believed the offender continued to be a risk to his safety.

Police acknowledge that Officer A could have communicated his actions better to the offender.

Officer A has had feedback on this incident in regard to his decision-making and communication, and we have also used this incident as a learning and development opportunity for wider Tasman District staff.


Issued by the Police Media Centre