Monday, 27 March 2023 - 8:19am |

Police Training Exercises from 27 to 31 March

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This week Police will be conducting routine training exercises at vacant buildings in the areas below.

The training will include loud noises and bangs which may be heard by members of the public living in the general area. Please be assured that all activities will be held within the confines of the site and there is no safety risk to nearby residents.

This is part of our regular training for specialist Police groups which runs across the country throughout the year. This type of training is a common occurrence for Police and could not happen without the support of the community. 

If you have any queries in relation to this, dial 105 or contact us via

On Monday 27 March we will be training in the Lincoln township between 1pm – 8pm.

On Tuesday 28 March we will be training in the Merivale / Strowan area between 1pm – 8pm.

On Wednesday 29 March we will be training in the Hornby area from 9am until midday and Avonside area between midday and 5.30pm.

On Thursday 30 March we will be training in the Harewood area between 7am – 4pm.

On Friday 31 March we will be training in McLeans Island between 7am – 3pm.


Issued by Police Media Centre.