Police urge pedestrians to take care in Wellington

Police urge pedestrians to take care in Wellington


With Christmas shopping well underway, the Wellington region’s central business districts are busier than usual.

Police are asking people to take care when walking around the city after a number of incidents involving pedestrians being struck by vehicles when crossing the road.

Some of these incidents have resulted in life-changing injuries.

“Please be careful out there – put your phone away, pay attention to your surroundings, and be patient,” says Senior Sergeant Dean Gorrie.

“It’s also important to look out for each other by intervening, as long as it’s safe to do so, if you see someone who’s in danger of being struck by a vehicle.”

There is a legal obligation for people to cross at controlled pedestrian crossings if they are within 20 metres of one, says Senior Sergeant Gorrie.

“It’s worth taking an extra moment to make sure you and your loved ones all have a safe and happy Christmas.”


Issued by Police Media Centre