Friday, 24 November 2023 - 1:33pm |
Counties Manukau

A potentially lethal cocktail: Speed, phones, and alcohol just don’t mix

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A potentially deadly combination has once again proved its power as two people will face the Court in relation to two serious crashes in Counties Manukau this week.

Inspector Tony Wakelin, Counties Manukau Road Policing Manager, says Police allege alcohol and speed are a significant factor in a crash involving a vehicle clocking speeds well above the posted speed limit across urban streets in Tuakau on Thursday.

“Around 4.20pm, Police units sighted a vehicle travelling at a significant speed of more than twice the posted speed limit.

“Despite Police signalling for the vehicle to stop, the vehicle continued to drive in a reckless manner and fled the area.”

No pursuit was initiated, however Police continued to track the vehicle as it travelled onto Bollard Road.

Inspector Wakelin says Police then located the vehicle crashed into a residential building.

“Attending Police breath-tested the driver as part of routine enquiries in this situation and found him to be over the legal limit.

“Thankfully there were no injuries reported to anyone, the driver or those in the property, and remarkably the damage to the house appears to be minor.

“In saying that, this once again demonstrates the frightful social harm caused by mixing speed with alcohol.” 

The 21-year-old male driver was taken into custody and will be facing charges of dangerous driving and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Meanwhile, a 5-year-old child received critical injuries after being struck by a car whilst crossing the road in Manurewa on Thursday afternoon.

It occurred on Sharland Avenue at around 3.20pm.

“Investigations are ongoing into the exact causes of the crash, however Police believe the use of a mobile phone may have been a factor in what occurred,” Inspector Wakelin says.

“Talking or texting whilst driving is dangerous. A text or call is not as important as a life.

“Charges are currently being considered in this case.”

Inspector Wakelin is once again reminding drivers that Police will not tolerate drivers risking their and the communities’ lives.

“Drinking and driving, speeding, and using cell phones all contribute to someone’s loved ones possibly being killed on our roads.

“The message is: Don’t think it won’t happen to me, as the decisions we are seeing being made by drivers suggest - it might."


Anna Thompson/NZ Police