Wednesday, 13 September 2023 - 2:35pm |
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Refresh of recruit training curriculum at the Royal New Zealand Police College

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As part of a wider update of the recruitment to constabulary journey Police are refreshing the residential training curriculum at the Royal New Zealand Police College (RNZPC).

“The residential course is the foundation of training for new constables, and we are striving to deliver the best training possible,” said Assistant Commissioner of Leadership, Talent, and Development Jill Rogers. 

This work is part of RNZPC’s continuous improvement programme, and the enhancements being made reflect lessons from external reviews, advisory groups, updated Australasian policing standards, and a wealth of feedback from Districts, senior leaders, training staff and recruits themselves.

“Based on this feedback the refreshed curriculum will focus more time on key areas such as mental health, road policing, family harm, tactical options, youth and engaging with the community. It will not introduce a significant amount of new material on new topics.”

“To accommodate the additional time on these key areas the length of training will also be increased to a 20-week residential training programme. This will give more time to embed the skills new constables need to best serve New Zealand’s communities. 

“Further training and learning experiences that build on this are delivered in the workplace when recruits are deployed to District. As part of the refresh, we will also be working to streamline handover and reporting to Districts following completion of residential training,” said Assistant Commissioner Jill Rogers. 

Updates to the curriculum and training duration will come into effect from the first Wing of January 2024. 


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