Response to IPCA report on non-fatal shooting of Mr Ford Hurinui

Response to IPCA report on non-fatal shooting of Mr Ford Hurinui


Police acknowledge a report by the Independent Police Conduct Authority which finds that the shooting of Mr Ford Hurinui in Motueka in August 2015 was justified.

The authority notes that the officer who fired the shot believed Mr Hurinui posed an immediate threat of grievous bodily harm or death.

Authority Chair Judge Sir David Carruthers says the officer involved “..attempted to avoid a lethal outcome by giving Mr Hurinui the opportunity to surrender. He negotiated with Mr Hurinui for 24 minutes and informed him numerous times that he was armed and that he should put the shotgun down.”

Although injured, Mr Hurinui survived the shooting.

Tasman District Commander Superintendent Mike Johnson says the police officer involved acted to keep himself and the community safe when Mr Hurinui pointed a shotgun at the officer.

“The officer was confronted with a violent and challenged individual and was put in a situation where he had no option but to use his firearm.

“This is the last step which any officer wants to take, however they must respond appropriately on the situation presented to them to protect both themselves and the public,” says Mr Johnson.

Mr Hurinui was sentenced to five years and nine months imprisonment after being convicted of using a firearm against Police and intent to injure.


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