Thursday, 4 February 2021 - 6:20pm |

Rest, refresh, and arrive alive this long weekend

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It’s been a long, hot day, after a full week of work. A long weekend is on the horizon. You’re loading the family into the car to begin the trek to the crib, or to see family.

Are you sure you’re okay to drive? It takes just a second for fatigue to cause a fatal collision.

That’s what Otago Coastal Road Policing want all drivers to think about this long Waitangi weekend.

“People will be heading off on holiday, often tired and not well-rested before they travel,” says Senior Sergeant Nik Leigh, Otago Coastal Road Policing Manager.

“No one gets up in the morning expecting to be, or to cause, the next road fatality. But it takes literally a second for fatigue to have devastating consequences when you’re behind the wheel.”

If you are heading off straight from a long week at work, consider breaking your journey into shorter stints, and sharing the driving with others.

“We’ve had two fatal road crashes in the last couple of months where speed, fatigue and other impairments are thought to be contributing factors,” says Senior Sergeant Leigh.

“Especially combined with hot February weather, the risk is very real.”

Local Police are focusing on speed and fatigue this long weekend.

There will be two fatigue stops operating, one north of Oamaru and one at Lawrence, where drivers can take the opportunity to have a break.

“We know there will be a lot of vehicles on the road this weekend, and people will just be focused on getting to their holiday destinations. But impairments like fatigue can kill, and pose a risk to those in your vehicle and to other road users.

“Make sure you are well rested so that you and others get to where you’re going, and come home, safely,” says Senior Sergeant Leigh.


Issued by the Police Media Centre