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Take precautions against opportunistic burglars

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Christchurch Police are reminding the community to take precautions against burglars.

Burglars are largely opportunistic and often look for easy targets, says Christchurch Metro Area Prevention Manager Inspector Leairne Dow.

"It's important to close and lock windows and doors to deter burglars looking for easy access. Make sure you don’t leave anything out that the burglar can climb on to access a window. Also, consider shifting valuable items away from windows where they can be easily seen by passers-by," she says.

Notably, Christchurch Police have received a number of reports of thefts from vehicles.

"Motorists are urged to take valuables with them when leaving their vehicles, whether they are parking outside their houses on dark streets or in their own driveway," says Inspector Dow.

"It's important to make sure technology, such as phones and GPS navigation units, are not left attached to the inside of windscreens. Leaving these valuables in plain sight presents opportunity for thieves.

"Police would also like to remind the rural community to keep all buildings and vehicles secure including farm buildings and machinery.

"Alarms will help discourage any burglar looking for easy entry. Locks on windows and doors can be effective, security signage, CCTV, alarms and sensor lights are all good."

Inspector Dow says the key message is to call Police straight away on 111 if you see or suspect anything suspicious at your home or a neighbour’s.

"When reporting activity it’s helpful to take note of the number of people, clothing they wear, and any vehicles present.

"Keep in contact with your neighbours, and let each other know if you notice anything unusual.

"Neighbourhood Support groups can be particularly useful for this purpose.

"Importantly, we ask residents to not put themselves in danger or take the law into their own hands if confronted by offenders, but to instead contact Police."

Visit the NZ Police website for more useful advice.

If you see a crime taking place call 111 immediately.


Issued by the Police Media Centre