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Update 15: Christchurch terror attack

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Police Commissioner's media conference 1730, 17 March

Please attribute to Police Commissioner Mike Bush

Following the terror attack on Friday, I am fully aware that many people will want to return to their routines.

The public wants to go back to school, work, their recreational activities, etc.

It’s the role of New Zealand Police to enable people to do that. 

That is why people in Christchurch will notice that Police are highly visible – on the streets, around businesses, schools, and in the air.

This is for everyone’s safety; it’s to reassure the public.

This increased presence and visibility is throughout New Zealand; our cities, towns, and neighbourhoods.

Again, this is for everyone’s reassurance.

It’s our job to ensure people feel safe and are safe.

So you will feel safe to go about what you want to do.

Response times:

There has been some speculation around the Police response times to the first attack on Deans Ave on Friday.

To clarify, Police received its first 111 call at 1.41pm.

The first armed Police unit was on scene at 1.47pm.

That’s six minutes to respond.

Within 10 minutes, our Armed Offenders Squad was on scene.

Within 36 minutes, a mobile offender was in custody.

I am very proud of the Police response to this terrible attack.


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Police Commissioner's media conference 1730, 17 March
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