Thursday, 20 July 2023 - 11:57am |
Auckland City

UPDATE 2, CBD incident, Injuries update as large investigation commences

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Attribute to Acting Superintendent Sunny Patel, Relieving Auckland District Commander:

Police can confirm an officer has been injured, as well as four members of the public at this stage. 

The Police officer was transported to hospital in a critical condition, but we can advise his condition has stabilised.

The four members of the public have injuries ranging from moderate to critical. 

At least one of these people has self-presented to Auckland City Hospital with moderate injuries. 

While the situation and scene is still under active Police management, we know that there may be more victims yet to make themselves known to Police and these injury statuses may change. 

The building site has now been secured and a scene examination is now underway. 

A Police critical incident investigation has been launched and as part of this we are working to understand the circumstances behind the offender’s actions.

There are upwards of 40 witnesses who were at or around the scene and they are in the process of being spoken to as part of this investigation.

Police are still confirming the sequence of events in which the offender died, and we will continue to provide updates.

As we have previously advised this is not a national security risk.

Police are liaising with the families of the victims, including that of the deceased, and we have engaged with Victim Support. 

Support is in place for our officer. 

Police enquiries will likely continue for the coming days, and we will be contacting those who were working on site and in the surrounding area.


Police are reassuring the public that they can continue to come into the CBD. However, please stay clear of the Police cordon at the lower part of Queen Street while our work continues at the scene.

Police are in the process of speaking to the large number of witnesses.

However, if there is anyone who was involved or witnessed today’s events, and they haven’t made themselves known to Police, we ask that you please contact us via 105 as soon as you can. 

Police Commissioner Andrew Coster will be speaking to media this afternoon.


Anna Thompson/NZ Police