Wednesday, 22 March 2017 - 10:09am |

Update 5 - Te Anau Milford Highway crash

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This release can be attributed to Southern Area Commander Inspector Joel Lamb. 

This is a horrific incident that has impacted a large amount of people and that of the Te Anau and Milford communities.

Police can confirm that the vehicles involved were a passenger bus carrying tourists and a rented smaller vehicle.  The collision caused a fire which enveloped both vehicles. 

Police, Fire and Ambulance worked together to secure the scene to extinguish the fire, treat the wounded and assist those affected by the crash.  The scene of the crash was cleared late last night.

Both vehicles were substantially damaged as a result of both the crash and the subsequent fire.

All occupants of the bus were able to exit the bus.  Several of these occupants required first aid at the scene and later at a local medical centre.

Witnesses reported to Police that there were two individuals in the smaller vehicle.  Police are working to identify all individuals in the vehicle but can confirm that there were no survivors from that vehicle.

Due to the damage to the vehicle it will take the Police Disaster Victim Identification Team some time to positively identify any individuals in the vehicle.

Police are working with Victim Support and wider groups to provide assistance and support for those involved in the crash.

Police want to thank everyone who stopped to render assistance at the time and urge anyone involved to contact the Southern DCC 03 471 5002.


Issued by Police Media Centre