Friday, 15 March 2019 - 9:15pm |
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UPDATE 7 - Serious firearms incident in Christchurch

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Police wish to notify the public of the Restoring Family Links (RFL) website where people can register missing persons or register themselves as alive.

Police have asked Red Cross to activate the website due to the serious firearms incident in Christchurch.

The RFL website is a tool where the public can self-register they are alive so family and friends know they are safe.

Members of the public can also register missing persons. Police will be working with New Zealand Red Cross who is managing the website, making all appropriate enquiries to find missing persons.

People will have the option to make this information visible to the public or kept private when they fill out the required form.

People living in New Zealand can also register missing persons on 0800 115 019.

A member of Police will contact you if you register a missing person.

We encourage members of the public to continue to contact family and friends through their own means to confirm their welfare.

Police want to ensure the public we are doing everything possible to resolve this incident.

We will provide updates on the incident as and when they are available and you can get these on our Facebook page and website.

You can access the RFL website here


Issued Police Media Centre.