Tuesday, 3 December 2019 - 12:49pm |
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UPDATE: Privacy breach of Police’s online notification platform

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Enquiries into the privacy breach of Police’s online notification platform for the firearms buy-back programme are ongoing. 

A system audit by our vendors over the last 24 hours has confirmed only one login by a dealer with legitimate access to the platform. We have spoken with this dealer and they have confirmed that the information they accessed has not been used in any way, shape or form. 

Based on the audit we can confirm that full details for 35 people have been accessed. The information accessed includes name, address, contact number, firearms licence number and bank account details. In addition to this less than 500 people have had their name and addresses accessed. 

“Today we will be calling the 35 people who have had their full details accessed to inform them of the privacy breach, provide advice on what they can do to ensure the ongoing security of their information and answer any questions they may have,” said Deputy Commissioner Mike Clement.

In addition to the phone call we will also be contacting the group of less than 500 people who have had their name and address accessed to inform them of the situation.

“Anyone who has concerns in regard to the security of their firearms as a result of this privacy breach can call 0800 311 311 and speak with our staff about how the firearms can be handed over to Police.”   

If you have participated in the firearms buy-back programme and are not contacted by Police this means your details have not been accessed.

While the Council of Licenced Firearm Owners (COLFO) have alleged a further 19 people have accessed information additional to their own we have nothing to substantiate this claim.

“We have requested this information from COLFO leaders to enable us to establish the facts.  Nothing has been provided to date, but Police continues to liaise with COLFO,” said Deputy Commissioner Clement.

The online notification platform remains offline and will remain so until we can be sure that the system is secure.

Issued by Police Media Centre