Wednesday, 23 February 2022 - 1:09pm |
National News

Update: Protest activity

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Police have noted a number of people and vehicles leaving the protest at Parliament in recent days.

Overnight, Police spoke to a number of motorists on Molesworth Street, who then voluntarily moved their vehicles.

A free Sky Stadium parking offer for protesters, designed to encourage them to clear their vehicles from block roads, will come to an end after today. 

From tomorrow, the Stadium has signalled its intent to return to normal business operations, and will charge vehicles for parking.

This was a decision made jointly between the Stadium and Police.

Police and stadium staff will be onsite to help manage the smooth exit of vehicles.

A visible presence remains at Parliament today as Police continue to monitor protest activity.

Movements to reduce the cordon will continue in the coming days as our focus remains on returning the city back to normal as quickly as possible.

Police are today conducting reassurance patrols around the outer edge of the cordon, speaking to businesses and residents impacted by the protest action.

There were no arrests overnight.

Police, including AOS, responded to a report of a man with a firearm walking in Frank Kitts Park about 7:20 this morning.

Police quickly located the man and found he was not in possession of a firearm. He was carrying what appeared to be a taiaha.

No further Police action was required.

Police will continue to take any reports regarding weapons seriously.

Staff injured yesterday are back at work and doing well.

Constructive discussions with protesters are ongoing and Police continue to allow the service of both food supplies and portaloos at the protest, although vehicles are not permitted through any of the Police-controlled cordons to enter the area.

Police are aware of comments online around possible sexual assaults at the protest, however, we are not immediately aware of any reports of such behaviour.

Anyone who has experienced assault at the protest is urged to get in touch with Police immediately.


Issued by the Police Media Centre