Monday, 14 February 2022 - 11:50am |

UPDATE: Protest activity, Parliament grounds

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Statement to be attributed to Wellington District Commander, Superintendent Corrie Parnell:

Police continue to appeal to protest groups to allow Wellingtonians freedom of movement around the area, while they continue their demonstrations at Parliament grounds.

The disruption to residents, schools and places of work, is creating real stress and concern, and people are feeling unsafe.

Overnight some protesters did move vehicles that were obstructing the roads which is greatly appreciated by Police and the public.

Sky Stadium has agreed to help by providing a safe parking facility for protesters vehicles from this evening. This is expected to be from 6.30pm tonight.

Throughout the day, Police will be providing the owners of the cars, vans, utes, campervans and trucks currently blocking roads with information that will explain how and when they can relocate their vehicles to Sky Stadium.

We would like to thank Sky Stadium for providing a solution that we believe will work for protesters and allow our Wellington community the ability to move freely through their city again.

There will be a Police presence for reassurance at Sky Stadium this evening. 

In the interim, we are asking protesters to relocate their vehicles from the road and into legitimate parking as soon as possible. 

Police staff will continue to be highly visible in and around Parliament grounds, to provide reassurance for all people. We have been supported this morning by Maori Wardens who have been centred around Wellington Railway Station.

We continue to appeal to protesters to leave the demonstration and to take their children – it has been wet and cold overnight, and we now have concerns about the health risks posed and sanitation issues.


Issued by Police Media Centre