Monday, 14 November 2016 - 1:26pm |

Visitors to Central Lakes region urged to take care with valuables in vehicles

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Central Lakes Police are reminding both visitors and locals to not leave valuables in their vehicles, following a spate of break ins. 
In the last two weeks, there have been vehicles broken into in Queenstown, Wanaka and Alexandra.  
Thieves are targeting mainly rental vehicles and smashing windows to gain entry.  
Police advise car owners to leave valuables including cash and passports at home or take the property with them if at all possible.  It is also recommended not to leave personal property within view of passers-by. 
"The few extra seconds it takes to make sure your vehicles are locked and valuables removed is far easier than dealing with stolen property"  says Detective Lisa Watt of Queenstown Police.  
Police encourage anyone who experiences theft or sees suspicious activity to come forward as soon as possible.   
"The quicker Police can receive information, the more likely it is they are going to be able to solve the crime."   
Police would urge anyone who witnesses any suspicious activity in and around remote or public carparks to call Police on 111 immediately.  If anyone has information relating to these vehicle crimes and may know who is responsible, they can call  Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.  
Issued by Police Media Centre.