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Waikato Police urge motorists to be mindful of agricultural vehicles after three tractor crashes

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After three serious crashes involving tractors on Saturday, Waikato Police are asking motorists heading home from their Easter break to be mindful of agricultural vehicles on our roads – and for people driving agricultural vehicles to not put themselves or other road users at risk.

At 10.30am on Saturday morning (30 March), two people were seriously injured after a car and tractor collided on Oparure Road near Te Kuiti.

Just ten minutes later, a motorcyclist was critically injured after colliding with a tractor on Piakonui Road in Matamata-Piako district. Tragically the motorcyclist subsequently passed away in hospital.

And at 9.45pm, a tractor collided with a car at the intersection of Pond Road and State Highway 29 in Matamata-Piako district. Initial enquiries indicate the tractor had gone through a stop sign and crashed into an oncoming car. Four people in the car were injured, one seriously.

Police have observed an increase in the number of agricultural vehicles on Waikato roads recently, as farmers take advantage of the dry weather to cut maize and make silage in preparation for winter. 

Across Waikato District, we expect a large amount of traffic to be on the roads today, as people head home after a long weekend away.

We know that it can be frustrating to be stuck behind slow-moving agricultural vehicles, but we’re asking motorists to be patient and only pass when it is safe to do so.

Similarly, we’re asking those on agricultural vehicles to be mindful of traffic around them, and to pull over and let traffic pass when it is safe to do so.

We want every single person on our roads this weekend to get to their destination safely, which means focusing on the basics – watch your speed, put the phones away, don’t drive while impaired (including by fatigue), and ensure everyone is properly restrained

Police will be doing their part around prevention and enforcement, and we need all road users to play their part and share the responsibility of safe driving – whenever, wherever or however you are travelling.


Issued by Police Media Centre.