Wednesday, 19 May 2021 - 12:44pm |

Wairarapa Police warn community of suspicious activity

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Please attribute to Sergeant Steve Cameron, Wairarapa Community Services Manager: 
Wairarapa Police have been made aware of a number of people being approached recently by a man requesting money for petrol. 
The man has knocked on doors of properties across the Wairarapa region, claiming that he lives in Wellington but has left his wallet at home and has run out of petrol. 
The man asks to borrow $20 or $30 and commits to paying it back.
We believe the same man has also approached people in public areas such as playgrounds or parks, with similar requests.
Police are aware that several people have given the man money and have not in fact been paid back as promised.
The man is described as being in his late 50s and drives a grey station wagon.
Police are asking Wairarapa residents to be aware of this offending and to not hand over any money if approached in this manner. 
We are also requesting that our community share this information with their elderly family members, friends and neighbours, who may not have access to media or social media. 
If you are approached and have concerns for your safety, please call Police immediately. 
Issued by Police Media Centre.