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Is your home ‘alone’ these holidays? - Ka pōaha tō whare i ēnei hararei?

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Ensuring your home and property is secure from burglars is a top priority for any holidaymakers leaving town for Christmas and the summer break.

It’s important not to become complacent and if you have crime or safety concerns, here are some simple steps you can take to make your home and property as safe as possible from the threat of burglars.

Leaving your home for the holidays? Make it safe - Ka wehe atu i tō kāinga mō ngā hararei? Whakahaumarutia

• Lock your doors and windows.
• Keep valuables out of sight
• Photograph valuable items and record important details such as make / model and keep in a safe place.
• Consider investing in an alarm system and sensor lights
• Keep garden sheds and garages locked.
• Keep bushes and trees trimmed to ensure a clear line of sight into your property. Don’t provide places for burglars to hide
• Repair any damaged fencing

Leaving your vehicles? Lock them or garage them - Ka waiho ō waka? Rakaina, raua atu ki te whare waka rānei

• Park in well-lit areas
• Remove any valuables or documents in your vehicle
• Always lock your vehicle
• Any boats or vehicles on your property should be left secured. Consider using a steering wheel lock or trailer lock

Be neighbourly - Tuku painga ki ō kiritata
• Keep an eye out for your neighbour’s house and their property.
• Tell your neighbour if you are going away.
• Arrange for someone to clear your letterbox and mow your lawns while you are away
• If you are looking after your neighbour’s home, take note and report any car registrations and descriptions of suspicious vehicles or people in or around your neighbourhood.

A connected community is a safe community and we want everyone to be best protected from being burgled over the holiday season.

These are easy steps that can make a difference when it comes to keeping your property safe. Ideally, we would like everyone across the country to return from their holidays to a locked and safe home, and not a preventable burglary.

Call 111 in an emergency if something illegal or suspicious is happening right now. If it’s already happened, you can provide information via the Police non-emergency number – call 105 or report online at

Waea atu ki 111 me he ohotata, e tū ana rānei tētahi mea taihara, hihira rānei i taua wā tonu. Mēnā kua pahawa kē, me tuku taipitopito mā te nama ohotata-kore a Ngā Pirihimana - waea atu ki 105, toro ki te ipurangi ki ränei


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