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10/1 all units, Stanley is turning 5!

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Stanley was chuffed that Foxton Constable Casey Watson popped in.

Police certainly has a big fan in Stanley from Foxton after Constable Casey Watson paid him a special visit on his fifth birthday held this month.

Stanley's birthday invite to Police.

The invitation to Stanley’s party came after Stanley and his mum Mikaela were the victims of a head-on crash in Levin in late 2022.

A high-risk offender fleeing from a serious family harm episode in a stolen vehicle crashed into Mikaela’s vehicle. South Group Highway Patrol Constable Colin Fuldseth attended the crash, along with many officers from Horowhenua.

“Thankfully Mikaela and Stanley were not injured - however they were shaken from the incident,” says Colin.

"After the crash, I dropped off a kids' activity kit for Stanley along with a police whistle, which he thoroughly enjoyed.”

About 15 months later, Mikaela reached out to Colin and asked if it was possible if he or another officer would like to stop in for Stanley’s Police-themed party.

“I was in New Plymouth and unfortunately couldn’t attend - however Casey, the legend he is, dropped in and flew the flag for us,” says Colin.

“Mikaela said that Casey’s visit absolutely made Stanley’s day and that Stanley had the best time.”