Monday, 8 April 2024 - 2:09pm

Digital Notebook rollout complete

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An officer in uniform using their device.

A year on from the pilot of Digital Notebook in Central District, the nationwide rollout of our new intelligence, evidence and investigative tool is now complete.

Officers in all districts, at Police National Headquarters and the Royal New Zealand Police College, can now use Digital Notebook to record their notes on a secure, digital platform.

Digital Notebook also captures a timeline of dates, times, places, people, signatures and events, with integrations from other applications like CARD and OnDuty.

Digital Notebook Office, available nationwide since 26 September 2023, enables users to search and view all notebook entries, except those marked private.

“The completion of the Digital Notebook national rollout marks a significant milestone in our transformative journey towards a fully digital case environment,” says Superintendent Mark Donaldson, Director Operational Products

“Empowering our frontline staff with tools that enhance efficiency and effectiveness is paramount in our commitment to modernising policing. I’m excited to witness what this product and future features will deliver for us moving forward.”

The rollout was staggered by district between September 2023 and March 2024 to minimise the impact during periods of higher demand and change. It was complete by 19 March.

The change is still happening for many of our people - it will take time to transition away from paper as the default, although for many, it’s evident the change couldn’t come soon enough.

Since September, more than 130,000 notes have been captured by over 3400 officers using Digital Notebook.

While the national rollout draws to a close, the Digital Notebook team led by Technical Product Owner Inspector Tim Boyd will continue to release additional features and functionality to our frontline.

“We have so much more to add,” says Tim. “With each release, we hope to continue to see an increase in Digital Notebook use by listening to our people and making improvements based on the feedback they provide us.”