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People of Police: Jil - Performance, policy and planning advisor

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People of Police: Jil

Inspired by the Humans of New York photoblog, we’re showcasing some of the incredible stories and experience of people throughout our organisation – both sworn and non-constabulary staff.

Jil - Performance, policy and planning advisor for Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police Secretariat

I’ve been working for New Zealand Police for about four years, with the last two in my current role as an advisor with the Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police Secretariat (PICP-S). 

What I enjoy about my job is that I can form connections with people across the Pacific and work with them on meaningful projects that will benefit Police and communities in the Pacific.

My contribution is getting the practical business side of things done like reports, finances, event planning, contracts, and logistics. In normal conditions there’s some travel in the Pacific, which is awesome.

My background is in information technology, mainly front-end multimedia development and project management. I worked part time for many years while my children were little. When my youngest commenced primary school I started working full time at New Zealand Police managing the Comms intranet.

I was looking for other opportunities within Police when my current job was advertised. I almost didn’t apply as it was such a leap from my IT background but my partner kept encouraging me. I was able to demonstrate that I met the requirements, plus a little more, and so here I am. I’m grateful for the support I have at home.

Part of the motivation for me wanting to work for the PICP-S was to be connected to the Pacific and Australia, places where I have lived for many years. The work I do here has an impact in places that were once my home. I hope to work in international security for a long time.

Currently I am participating in a leadership programme with New Zealand Police, and working towards a Masters degree in International Security.