SNAP decommissioning

The SNAP website was turned off on 15 December 2021. The site has been running since 2002 as a place for users to save the serial numbers of their belongings in case of theft. In that time, the technology has become obsolete among other more convenient personal methods to record and access this information.

Police are not replacing this service, but recording the serial numbers of your belongings remains the most effective way to be reunited with your property if it is stolen from you.

There are even easier ways for you keep track of your serial numbers in the event of theft. For example:

  • take photos of the serial numbers and identifying features of your property using a smart phone
  • save the details of the serial number, make and model of your property onto a cloud storage site, so you can recall it any time you need it.

In the event that items are stolen from you, you can give this information to Police to help reunite you with your belongings.

Data previously held on SNAP will be held securely until December 2022, before being destroyed. If you require your data previously held on SNAP, please email with the serial number and description of one or two items you know you had stored using this service. This will enable us to provide you with all the data you had stored on SNAP. Please allow up to ten working days from receipt of this information to fulfil your request.