Content that may be inaccessible

Some documents on this website are not available as web pages. Instead they are published in non-HTML formats that may not be accessible to everyone, including PDFs and Word and Excel documents.

Viewing documents that are not available as web pages

You will find an accessible summary of any document that is not available as a web page, as well as the file type and size of the document. This allows you to decide whether the document will be useful to you.

Why we do not provide some documents as web pages

We have chosen to include non-HTML versions of content when time constraints mean the alternative is not to include the content at all.

Help with other formats


You need PDF reader software to view a PDF file (.pdf). There are a number available, including the commonly used Adobe Reader, which you can download free from the Adobe website.

Microsoft Office documents

Some of the documents on this website have been created in Microsoft Word (.doc) and Excel (.xls)

If you don't have this software, you can download free viewers from Microsoft that allow you to read the documents.

You can also view them using Open Office [Open Office website].

ZIP files

Some documents on this site are ZIP files (.zip). These have been compressed to reduce file size and reduce the time they take to download. They can include multiple files and you need to extract (unzip) the files to view them.

If you have the most current versions of Windows and Apple software you will normally be able to extract the files as they are downloaded. Alternatively, you can download free software to extract ZIP files, including Info-ZIP.