You may permanently adopt a dog that did not complete the police dog training programme or that has been withdrawn from breeding. This may be for a variety of reasons.  Once adopted, the dog will become your responsibility.

Dogs from the breeding programme will generally be neutered at the new owner's expense before they can be rehomed or within a specified period after placement.

Police dogs retire at around seven years old and usually stay with handlers or other police staff. We do not place dogs in homes if they are intended for working roles or for security.

What criteria must you meet?

To adopt a police dog, you must be able to provide a suitable environment that will support the dog. This means that you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be prepared to follow your local Council’s rules for dog ownership.
  2. Have a secure area that the dog will be safe in. The secure area should be fenced and keep the dog safe.
  3. Be prepared to provide the dog with exercise and socialisation. Be prepared to spend time on daily care, exercise and play.


Please phone the Dog Training Centre at 04 494 3890.