Commission of Inquiry Quarterly Summaries 2011

Commission of Inquiry Quarterly Summaries 2011

Date Published: 
December 2011

In response to the recommendations from the second monitoring report of the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) and the third monitoring report of State Services Commission (SSC), Police held a high-level workshop in March to identify key themes for Police to focus on in order to ensure the 'intention' of the Commission of Inquiry and the subsequent SSC and OAG reports are achieved.

The recommendations have been allocated into the following eight work streams. Current work is focused on determining key measures for each work stream and the necessary processes to monitor progress towards high-level outcomes under each work stream.

The 2011 Workplace Survey was delayed this year due to the amount of Police staff involved with the Canterbury Earthquake in February. The survey was completed in June and saw an overall improvement in a variety of areas.

Police continue to monitor the solutions implemented to address the recommendations from the Commission of Inquiry, with the primary focus on whether the solutions are being used and continue have the desired effect.