Quarterly Summary - March 2011

Quarterly Summary - March 2011

Key Achievements for the March 2011 quarter

In response to the recommendations from the second monitoring report of the OAG and the third monitoring report of SSC, Police held a high-level workshop in March to identify key themes for Police to focus on in order to ensure the 'intention' of the COI and the subsequent SSC and OAG reports are achieved.

Recommendation 51 – Organisational Health Audit

The 2011 Workplace Survey has been delayed from its initial schedule of February 2011 to May 2011. It was decided to delay the survey because a significant number of police employees were impacted by and involved in the response and recovery to the Christchurch earthquake.

As part of its ongoing focus into monitoring progress against the results of the Workplace Survey, Police has recently completed a Pulse Check survey of a random sample of staff. The Pulse Check survey consisted of seven questions designed to indicate progress on Action Plans. The results of this survey indicate that approximately one in five police employees believes progress has been made over the last six months. Police is continuing dialogue with the SSC and the OAG.

Recommendations 37 and 59

In December 2010 Police received the final report from the third (2010) annual State Service's Commission review which examined the change process undertaken by Police (following on from the recommendations of the COI) and human resources performance frameworks. The third review had a strong focus on employee performance management, and employment relations strategy.

Recommendation 60 – OAG Audit of the COI

Police received the Second Monitoring Report from the Auditor General in June 2010. Several recommendations were made and Police are addressing these. The COI has been included as an item for priority action for Police for the 2011/12 year.