Firearms forms and guides

Firearms forms and guides

Date Published: 
December 2019

These forms are a collection of the most used application forms for licences, endorsements and firearms or offensive weapon import permits.

The National Arms Office is putting together a small series of guides to explain the processes associated with firearms licences and endorsements. 

Applications must be made in person to the local Police Arms Office (area or district Police stations).

  • Form S. 43A - Mail Order Sales of Standard Sporting Firearm(s), Airgun(s) and/or Ammunition (Section – 43A Arms Act). For more information regarding the Mail Order process see the Guide for Applicants – Mail Order Sales
    Change to requirements for airguns purchases
    [24 Jan 2018] Police mail order guidelines for form S.43A previously required people to prove membership of an airsoft club when purchasing an airsoft gun. After feedback from the public, Police has reviewed this requirement and found it is not a requirement of the Arms Act. Therefore, Police has now amended the policy to remove this requirement and updated all relevant documentation. Changes effective from 24 January 2018.
  • Form POL67 - Arms Surrender Form. Surrender to the Police firearm/s and/or ammunition/explosives.
  • Form POL67DA - Complete the Online Firearms Visitors Application form.
  • Form POL67A - Application for a permit to possess by endorsed licence holders to acquire pistols, restricted weapons, or prohibited firearms or prohibited magazines within New Zealand from another person.
    Complete the Online Firearms Visitors Application form.
  • Form POL67AC - Application to be recognised by Police as a certain person who may possess prohibited ammunition (a bona fide collector of ammunition/ a director or curator of a bona fide museum).
  • Form POL67AR - Application to be recognised by Police as a certain person who may possess prohibited ammunition (a researcher of the chemical makeup of certain types of prohibited ammunition/ a researcher employed or contracted by the New Zealand Defence Force/ a researcher employed or contracted by the Institute of Environmental Science and Research Limited).
  • Form POL67B - Application to import firearms, airguns, restricted airguns, and firearm parts. A permit is required for a firearm, pistol, starting pistol, restricted airgun, or restricted weapon, and any part of a firearm, pistol, starting pistol, or restricted weapon. It is also required for a prohibited firearm, and all prohibited items.
    Information about Import permits for parts of firearms
  • Form POL67L - Renewal of dealer's licence. Dealers' licences are renewed annually.
  • Form POL67F - Application for a "B" endorsement to possess pistols for target pistol shooting. Applicants must be or become a member of a pistol club recognised by the Commissioner of Police.
  • Form POL67G - Application for a "C" endorsement to possess pistols and restricted weapons e.g. collectors; historical event re-enactors; film makers.
  • Form POL67M - Application for a firearms dealer's licence. Applicants must hold a standard firearms licence. Applies to any firearms activity by way of business e.g. shops; on-line merchants; gunsmiths; second hand dealers; game parks.
  • Form POL67OW - Application to import offensive weapons (Customs Import Prohibition Order). Applies to among other things, edged weapons, such as: bayonets, double-edged knives, daggers, disguised edged weapons (e.g. walking stick swords), flick knives, throwing knives, short swords (18" or less), disguised weapons, including items such as walking stick guns and knuckle dusters.

Endorsement and permit to possess prohibited items

  • Form 02A - Pest Control Ownership Endorsement
  • Form 02B - Pest Control Employee Endorsement
  • Form 02C - Dealer Prohibited Endorsement
  • Form 02D - Dealer Employee Prohibited Endorsement
  • Form 02E - Collector General Endorsement
  • Form 02F - Collector Heirloom Endorsement
  • Form 02G -Collector Museum Endorsement
  • Form 02H - Collector Theatrical Endorsement Form

Guidance for collectors:

  • Vital parts (collector) storage guide
  • Media advisory: storage of prohibited firearm parts
  • Pest control flow chart