Professional Conduct Statistics (April 2020)

Professional Conduct Statistics (April 2020)

Date Published: 
May 2020
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The statistics reported in the attached documents come from the NZ Police Professional Conduct database (IAPro). These official statistics relate to reported incidents received and refer to calendar years.

These statistics will be updated quarterly (four times per year) showing the year-to date (YTD) position.

The statistics show the number of incidents that were reported in the quarters shown, regardless of when the incident actually occurred (e.g. an incident that occurred in December 2017 may not be formally reported until January 2018).

The statistics also show the number of NZ Police employees involved in the incidents (that is those that have had allegations made against them), and the number of allegations that have been made.

The statistics include incidents that have been resolved (completed), and those that are yet to be resolved (ongoing).

The statistics are in some cases divided into the 12 Police Districts of the New Zealand Police structure. In addition there are NZ Police groups (generally referred to as ‘Service Centres’) that do not come under a particular District, but are general to the organisation as a whole.

The statistics may be further grouped by:

Because an incident can involve several employees facing several allegations, which may be from several different types of conduct or actions, the figures shown cannot always be reconciled exactly.