Research – External Researcher Data Access Requests

Research – External Researcher Data Access Requests

Date Published: 
October 2018

Researchers applying for access to resources, data or privileged information should download the following two documents which provide information about the process, as well as Police’s Policy.

The Policy for providing access to Police’s data, resources or privileged information, includes relevant legislation and protocols, the principles governing this access, and the requirement for external researchers to enter into a Police Research Agreement.

This Policy applies to all external researchers who request access to Police data, resources or privileged information. It does not apply to journalists or other individuals seeking information pursuant to the Official Information Act 1982.

Once an application is received complete with supporting documentation, an initial review of the application is carried out by NZ Police subject matter experts and Evidence Based Policing Centre Research Insights staff. Then once it is established that the application meets the minimum requirements it is reviewed at the next RRAC committee meeting.  The committee aims to meet monthly.

Research Application Timeframes

The committee meets monthly on the second Thursday of each month.

Please email if you have any questions.