Research – External Researcher Requests

Research – External Researcher Requests

Date Published: 
December 2020

External researchers can apply to the New Zealand Police Research Panel for access to New Zealand Police data or resources. Data and resources include staff time and research that involves staff as participants. External researchers include police staff who may be studying towards a higher degree or collaborating with an external agency on a research project.

It is important external researchers are familiar with the Police policy for External Researchers’ Access to Resources, Data or Privileged Information (PDF 192KB) prior to submitting a proposal. You can find a copy of this Policy below. Applicants will also need to supply CVs for all external researchers involved in the proposed project.

It is recommended that research proposals submitted to the New Zealand Police Research Panel are structured using the template below. This will ensure that the New Zealand Police Research Panel receives all relevant information needed to consider and progress applications as quickly as possible. Please fill out all fields to the best of your ability.

Once an application is received, complete with supporting documentation, an initial review of the application is carried out by New Zealand Police subject matter experts and Evidence Based Policing Centre Research staff. Then once it is established that the application meets the minimum requirements it is reviewed by the New Zealand Police Research Panel.

Research Application Timeframes

The New Zealand Police Research Panel will review research proposals on a monthly basis.

Please email completed applications to