Hate crime

What are hate crimes and hate incidents?

Hate crimes and incidents are acts perceived by the victim, or other people, to be motivated by hostility or prejudice towards a person’s race (or perceived race – including nationality or ethnicity), religion (or faith), sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or age.


What you can do about it

If you, your friends or whānau have experienced hate-motivated abuse, violence, threats, or intimidation, it’s extremely important that you report it.

Hate crimes and incidents are rarely one-off; information about your case helps prevent this happening to others.

The more data we have, the more effectively we can prevent and tackle it. Your experience matters, and it’s important that you tell us about it.

You can report a hate crime or incident by using the 105 online form. If you are in danger or a crime is happening now, call 111.


If you witness a hate crime


  • Support the victim – make sure they are safe and away from the offender. Make it clear they are not alone.
  • Record a video of the incident if you can, and write down details of the time, location and anything about the event you haven’t been able to record.
  • Tell the nearest authority or responsible person – this could be a bus driver, security guard or reception desk. Call 111 if someone is in danger.



If you see offensive content promoting hate online, report it using the 105 online form. You can also notify Netsafe and the New Zealand Human Rights Commission about it.

We want all members of our communities to be alert to, and report, all instances of hate crime to Police.


What you can expect from Police

We work with partners across the New Zealand to tackle hate crime. We take it extremely seriously and will be there to help victims be safe and feel safe.

We will investigate reports of hate crime, with particular attention to the hostile motivation of the offender.

As part of a hate crime investigation we can also take a victim impact statement from you to explain how the crime has affected you. This is voluntary and would be used in court proceedings.

We will also use the information you provide to look for patterns and help prevent hate crime happening to other people.