Hate crime

New Zealand Police does not tolerate offences based on a person's race, religion, nationality, gender, sexuality, disability, or other enduring characteristics of their identity. These offences are also known as hate crimes and the majority those reported to Police relate to race, religion, or ethnicity.

Where such crimes are reported to Police they are vigorously investigated. We take these events very seriously and endeavour to do all we can to help victims to be safe and feel safe.

We also recognise that when crimes of hate occur they impact not only on individual victims, but the victim’s whānau and wider community. Police works closely with representatives of ethnic communities and organisations like the Human Rights Commission to protect the rights and freedoms of all communities in New Zealand.

If you are aware of racially motivated abuse, violence, threats, or intimidation against members of your whānau, or community you should report it.

There are also a range of anti-racism tools and resources available on the Human Rights Commission website.