Te Raranga (The Weave)

Following the unprecedented terrorist attack on Christchurch masjidian on 15 March 2019, the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCOI) into the attack was established, and its report was publicly released on 8 December 2020. The Commission made 44 recommendations to eradicate violent extremism and foster a truly inclusive society for people from every culture, faith, and background.

Recommendation 42 of the RCOI directs New Zealand Police to revise how we record complaints of hate crime and train our frontline staff on hate-motivated offending. In July 2021, we received funding from Cabinet to establish Te Raranga, a new four-year programme of work.


Te Raranga is a partnering programme that weaves people, whānau, agencies, and communities together to reduce the harm caused by hate in Aotearoa.

Led by Deputy Chief Executive, Pieri Munro, Te Raranga is focused on the development of resources to:

  • support victims, witnesses, and communities to recognise and report hate-motivated offences
  • align partner agencies to work towards reducing the harm caused by hate
  • train police staff to recognise, and record hate-motivated offences if it occurs.

Delivery of Te Raranga continues to progress well and new training at the Royal New Zealand Police College is teaching Police (from new recruits to Senior Leaders) about hate-motivated crimes and incidents. Since November 2022, Police recruits are assessed on how to respond to hate-motivated behaviour, as part of their initial training.

Resources and evaluation tools have been developed for Police frontline staff, so they can continue to learn beyond the Police college. Police staff have been appointed nation-wide to champion and support training.

Resources to support the public to recognise and report hate-motivated events, as well as where people can seek support, are currently in development.

Te Raranga Advisory Group

NZ Police are one agency in a multi-agency approach to stand together against hate. Te Raranga leads the Te Raranga Advisory Group (TRAG) to strengthen work at the government and agency level. Confirmed TRAG members include NZ Human Rights Commission, Netsafe, Te Tari Taiwhenua | Internal Affairs, Crime Stoppers, and CertNZ.

Improving our Response to Hate Crime - Report

Following the March 15 terror attack on Christchurch masjidain, Police spoke to communities to better understand the incidence and impact of hate crime in Aotearoa. The Evidence Based Policing Centre (EBPC) report provides an overview of people’s views and ideas. The Action plan is a summary of the report.