He Aranga Ake

He Aranga Ake is a multi-agency disengagement framework and a deliverable of New Zealand’s Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism Strategy.

The framework involves seven government agencies (Oranga Tamariki; Ministry of Social Development; Education; Corrections; Health; Security Intelligence Service and Police).

While not a direct recommendation of the Royal Commission of Inquiry Report into 15 March, the framework supports many of the sought outcomes, including contributing to social cohesion.

He Aranga Ake is intended for someone who may pose a violent extremist or terrorist threat of harm to a community or themselves due to identifying with ideologies associated with violent extremism. When assessing a potential person, a decision will be based on the presence of sufficient observable behaviours (indicators) that suggest someone may be on a pathway towards carrying out or facilitating an act of extremist violence.

He Aranga Ake provides a New Zealand specific approach to each individual accepted into the framework. All support to disengage is delivered through coordinated bespoke intervention plans which target individual and environmental protective factors.

While He Aranga Ake is unable to accept direct referrals from the public at this time, if, as a member of the public, you have concerns about an individual you can raise these with one of the participating agencies. Or you can provide information via: